5 Reasons your not making progress #3 Your fears are keeping you overweight

We’ve all been there, our friends have been there, our relatives have done it and the vast majority of the population who are trying to lose weight will continue to do it. Living in fear of the opinions of others.

Over the last 3 years, our company has helped hundreds of individuals lose weight and give them the tools, knowledge, and power to keep it off.

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However, one characteristic which we see time and time again from new clients is the fear of being judged. Not just for being overweight, but even the fear of starting a journey. Losing weight requires changes in routine and modifications in behavior. Friends, family, and peers notice these changes.

Now although we can look at these changes as positives, many view them as admitting to insecurities and putting insecurities out there for everyone to see… The fear of this is what pushes people back into their old and detrimental behaviors.

We want to give you 3 tools to help you remove those fears and get you progressing in the right direction:

1. Remember – Perfection is DEAD. You can control your weight loss and your goals without excessively controlling every aspect of your life.

2. Believe that you can succeed – Your past does not dictate your future. Let go of the terms “I’ve always been this way”, “I’m just meant to be overweight”, “I’ve tried everything”.

3. Stop rehearsing failure – Worrying about not being able to stick to your plan, being apprehensive about your training session or the uneasiness you feel when your friends ask why your not drinking these are all examples of mental rehearsal. Start imaging yourself being comfortable in your own skin and having more self-confident on a daily basis.

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