5 Reasons your not making progress – #1 Balance

When it comes to making progress it is important that the training and nutrition fit’s around your life in a sustainable manner. Too much sacrifice to someone’s routine can more often than not result in falling off the wagon and giving up altogether.

Through our experience, we know that a great way of doing this is to not throw our clients straight into the deep end. We implement habitual lifestyle changes that fit around their routines whilst still making progress.


However, some people take the “Everything in moderation” approach too far and never actually see any results. They will work hard all week and undo all their hard work on a weekend bender. Yes, if you like alcohol then it can be factored into your life whilst still making progress, but 10 pints and a kebab every weekend will not do your physique any favors.

It might take some work, but learning to get the balance right of enjoying yourself and making sacrifices will be a massive factor in determining the success of your health and fitness journey.

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