You may be forgiven for thinking that weight training is a young man (or woman’s) game… However, what many people do not know is how potent the benefits of weight training can be for the older adult.

As we age some things naturally slow down. Most people will testify to the metabolism slowing down, muscles not being as strong as they used to be or the ability to recover from illness being greatly reduced.

However, all is not as it may seem. Weight training is growing in popularity with older adults and here are 5 reasons as to how it could be benefitting you.

1. Increased Muscle Mass

As we age, typically most people will experience some degree of muscle wastage. For some this can result in becoming less active with the grandchildren or even result in being less independent all together.

The term “increasing muscle mass” may sound scary. However rest assured, its completely essential to help us stay fit, healthy and mobile for the tasks that daily life throws at us.

2. Injury Prevention

Slips, trips and falls are a common occurrence as we get older. Our ability to recover from such injuries is also greatly diminished. Weight training can not only help us strengthen muscle tissue, but also connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons. Alongside strengthening all of the tissue around our skeleton, weight training has also shown to increase the density of our bone.

3. Fat Loss

Carrying to much body fat is not an ideal at any age. However if we couple that with the other associated “slow downs” which occur during the ageing process its easy to see that carrying to much body fat can be even more detrimental at an older age.

Reducing body fat leaves us less likely to suffer from metabolic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension & coronary heart disease.

4. Mental Health

As we age and life slows down research has shown that loneliness and isolation can be a common occurrence.

However, partaking in weight training and exercise in general can provide a release of endorphins promoting the feeling of happiness, but as gyms and exercise facilities are typically very populated places it may also provide the opportunity to meet new friends who are chasing similar goals.

5. Elevating Testosterone

Testosterone is an extremely important hormone for males and females (although in small amounts). Testosterone levels typically peak during adolescence and early adulthood. As we age testosterone declines. Some of the signs/symptoms of low testosterone can be depression, low sex drive, hair loss, fatigue and increased body fat amongst others.

Progressive weight training has shown to significantly increase the production of testosterone. Although elevations in testosterone are not as great compared to younger populations, even a small increase can yield a positive effect on your health and wellbeing.

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