We take a lot of people through very successful journeys, you might even call them transformations. Since this time of year is particularly high for motivation, but also fraught with many different paths to follow, i want to share with you 4 simples lessons which are imperative in your ability to succeed.

1. Your adherence is essential

If you can’t adhere to a way of training and eating then you will become inconsistent and not be successful in your journey. I could give you the perfect training and nutrition program to get you the best physique in the shortest possible time, but if that program is not enjoyable to you, doesn’t fit around your current lifestyle and requires too many major sacrifices then we will see not be successful.

On the flip side, however, we do need to realize that some sacrifices will have to be made, but these should be manageable and not overwhelming.

If you can’t see yourself eating and training like you are now 6 months down the line then is that really sustainable?

Is that really the best route to take for you on your health and fitness journey?

2. Don’t jump in at the deep end

We want to make sure we keep all the various weight loss tools in your toolbox until we need them. Changing lifestyle habits one at a time so you have time to adapt to each one individually will be the best way forward. There are no quick fixes, simple as that.

We get people going on these “6 weeks transformation programs” where calories are significantly dropped, energy expenditure goes through the roof, and yes, of course, you are going to lose weight, but at the expensive of your health, hormonal balance, metabolic capacity and your psychology when all the weight you lost (and some) goes back on again 6 weeks after you finish.

Be patient and realize it should be lifestyle changes and creating new habits over a prolonged, consistent period that will get results.

3. Don’t compare yourself to others

Looking through Instagram or magazines to find the perfect body to look like when in fact that person is not you can be self-destructive.

Yes, be inspired by these people, but be inspired by their work ethic and the way they approach health and fitness and not to aim to look like them.

Yes, it is great to aim towards something, but you have to remember you are trying to be the best version of yourself, and getting caught up with comparing yourself to others can sometimes be a recipe for failure.

4. If you need help – get it

If you have no idea where to start, or you are a bit overwhelmed by the content on this article, then go seek advice. We will consider all these factors when designing a training and nutrition program for you. It is not one size fits all and the way we address every client will be different from the next.

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