Keeping a positive mind is one of the key factors in developing not only the body which you want to live within but also the life you want to lead. The world is full of reasons as to why you should move forward and chase down your goals, so here are 3 tips which I use with all my clients to ensure they do just that!

1. Change your mindset – wake up every morning and name 3 things you are grateful for; big or small. This will immediately put you in a positive frame of mind to attack your day.

2. Focus on your strengths – we always hear about improving your weaknesses and yes that’s all great, but if we constantly look at our shortcomings it can bring us down. Do what you are good at and enjoy it, this ultimately leads to success.

3. ‘This is for my haters…’

Proving people wrong might work on a short-term basis, but in the long run, you have to do it for yourself. Stop looking for extrinsic motivation and start looking from within.  Be your own motivation!

With more success comes more outside negativity, that’s part of the course.

You doing well makes people feel uncomfortable as they feel a sense of underachievement.

But guess what that’s none of your business!

Stay positive and chase your goals!


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