About James McGreevy

From an early age I have held an avid interest in health and fitness, playing for various sports teams over the years and developing a real passion for weight lifting. While my knowledge in the latter area increased I found myself being a go to for friends who were looking for some guidance on how to train effectively. This led to gaining a level 3 qualification in Personal Training and a rewarding career in helping others by sharing my expertise in the various aspects of strength training to achieve physique development.

Since completing my initial qualification in Personal Training I have focused on expanding my skills in topics such as nutrition and programme design by attending seminars hosted by some of the industry’s leading figures. By doing so it has allowed me to provide a superior service to my clients, by utilising a wide array of science based methods to achieve optimum body composition and health.

I am constantly striving to provide a professional, efficient service to my clients offering a highly supportive environment whilst still pushing them enough out of their comfort zone to achieve maximal results. During training time I am able to get every inch of effort out of my clients however we do always find time for a laugh and a joke around all the seriousness!

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