We think you’ll agree, she looks incredible, and in Laura’s own words she “feels fantastic!”. Starting Personal Training with us at Pioneer Performance was her first step to creating her improved self!

Laura approach Pioneer Performance when she seem some of the incredible progress her friends made whilst working with us. Whilst working with our coach James she hasn’t only been able to radically change her body, but also her knowledge on on training, nutrition and all aspects of how to become healthy.

We think you’ll agree, she looks incredible, and in Laura’s own words she “feels fantastic!” (she's lost 50lbs!) Starting Personal Training with us at Pioneer Performance was her first step to creating her improved self!

What were your motivations behind starting Personal Training?


I’d reached a point where I was at my heaviest weight and feeling pretty rubbish/unhappy with myself. It was affecting my job as a nurse, I had back pain, felt tired a lot of the time and I just thought know I can’t carry on like this!

I seen results a friend had achieved at a pioneer and thought, yes, I want that!

Did you have any training experience before starting?


I’ve always enjoyed sports and being active in general terms. I liked playing football at uni and doing cardio sessions at the gym. However before Pioneer I hadn’t set foot in the weights section of a gym never mind lifted weights!

I always felt self conscious at the gym and really didn’t have a clue about what to do or how to do it. 


What was your nutrition and lifestyle like before working with your coach?


Definitely poor now knowing what I know now..

I would go hours without food & tended to have larger meals later in the day to make up for it.

These were meals that were quick because I was coming back from a 12hr shift, mostly ready meals that I’d bought from shops on the way home from work. I was also not staying hydrated or sleeping enough, just overall unhealthy.

I was always so tired, so on days off I sleep in and do very little.

How has your diet and lifestyle changed since starting?


So much has changed where do I start?! 

My love and understanding of food has greatly improved. From what a healthy meal should look like on my plate, what makes up that meal (a carb, protein and fat) and portion size. 

I now have regular meal times which are mostly my own cooked prepped meals and have awareness of checking food labels to know what I’m taking in nutritionally, in order to help make better food choices. But I do still very much enjoy biscuits with a tea or a “relaxed meal” dirty burger …!

I’ve enjoyed this process so much I started a nutrition course to further my knowledge, I love it. 

Lifestyle wise I’m very active! Training 3-4 x week, regular walks and cycles and feel I’m able to do it all, whereas before I’d struggle to move off the sofa.

I’ve also learned how physical and mental health are interlinked, the benefits of an active lifestyle play such a big part of physical health, but even more so on mental health. The structure I have in the gym transfers into my daily life; building routine, discipline and confidence to name a few – this has been one of the most surprising aspects of my journey. 

What has been the hardest habit to kick during the process?


Hmm… tough question! 

I’d have to say sleep hygiene. James would totally agree with me on this. I’m terrible for not having a regular set bedtime and sleep is something I’ve massively overlooked and underestimated it’s impact on health. I am getting better but definitely still a work in progress.

What would you say to someone who is sitting on the fence about contacting Pioneer Performance?


Get yourself over that fence! 100% the place to go in the north east if you seriously want to make a change and be at your best!

The personal journey will take you to places you’d never known existed and discover things you’d no idea about yourself. It’s all sooo worth the investment!

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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