"I've lost over 35lbs & dropped 4 dress sizes - it's been life changing"

Ange's motivation was to be in the best shape of her life in her 50's!

Although Ange has always been active and a member at her local gym for many years she still didn't feel confident venturing into the loose weight section. A Prolapsed disc, high blood pressure and a history of knee issues meant that she was anxious as to whether resistance training was something which she should be doing.

However after seeing the incredible results her daughter Jenny had been able to achieve, as well as the showreel of results on the Pioneer Performance website, she knew that this was something she had to experience for herself.



Did you have any barriers before starting with Pioneer Performance?

“Aside from needing to lose wight, I had a pro lapsed disc from years ago, as well as cartliage removed removed from my knee & high blood pressure. So these things were always in the back of my mind before starting.”

“Which lead me to wondering if this type of training was going to be suitable for me.”

What do the coaching sessions look like with your trainer?

“Before we do any exercise Alex is showing me the exercise and then going through the exercise with me, making tweaks here and there to get things right. I think this is something he’s always mindful of with me, especially because of the issues I’d had with me knee’s and prolapsed disc in my back.”

“From all of the training that we’ve done, I don’t have any back problems, I don’t have any knee problems and my blood pressure is normal!”


What’s the environment like in Pioneer Performance? 

“It’s so friendly.”

“I was nervous about coming into a gym like this and doing a 121, I’ve done lots of training, but never done any session where its just you and a coach, it did made me a little bit anxious, even though I am a confident person.”

What have you achieved since starting your coaching? 

“I feel fantastic, I really do. I can’t really put that into words and Alex will say that it’s me which has done all of this but I’ve done it with him and it’s been a partnership.”

“I’ve gone down 4 dress sizes, I’ve lost 2 and a half stone in a year.”

What would you say to someone who is thinking about going through a transformation journey like yourself?

“Come along and experience it! It will always be a challenge and it’s never an easy training session. You’re pushed at every session, but you’re also supported and encouraged.”

“I feel fantastic, it’s been life changing”



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Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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