Our Pioneer of the month for June goes to hard working Jude!! **Progress pictures below**

Jude has been working with our coach Neil for only 8 weeks and here is what Neil has to say about his journey so far:

“Very proud of the results and effort Jude has put in over the last 8 weeks.

He came with a goal, we came up with a plan and he has executed it to the tee.

Jude had been going to the gym for a couple of years, however never got the results he desired so sought out professional guidance.

Over the past 8 weeks Jude has been working towards adding lean muscle tissue whilst minimising bodyfat gain.

Training with myself twice per week on top of 2/3 sessions outlined in his own time.

Calories and macros have been tracked and have now increased to 3700 calories per day.

Like food intake, weights have progressively increased over time adding around 40kg to his deadlift!!!

Focusing on executing correct form, alongside intensity, structure and consistency has given some phenomenal results in a short time frame!

Amazing work, and shows exactly what can be achieved when you take advice and work consistently hard towards your goal

Going forward Jude will be continuing his lean mass phase for another 8 weeks, before dropping the hammer and entering into a 12 week dieting phase for a photo shoot.

Watch this space!!”


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