What made you join Pioneer Performance?

Whilst doing my favorite escape activity, flicking through Instagram, I came across a number of positive posts relating to fitness, that seemed to strike a chord with me. When I looked at the posts, the “Instagrammer” spoke positively about the personal trainer and the gym that she trained in, low and behold it was I Newcastle and was pioneer. It took me another three months to finally make the decision to make the call and go visit the gym on a weekend when I was back in Newcastle. No hard sell like other main street gyms, just a friendly consultation and options catered to suit my needs. I explained my main goal was to gain some level of fitness back, as I was driving up to 10 hrs per day (70+ hours per week) and felt quite unwell in myself both physically and mentally. I signed up there and then as I got a positive feeling from not only the personal trainer I met but other personal trainer’s in the gym and other clients during my visit.  
How happy are you with your progress?

Extremely happy, as I feel that my fitness levels have massively increased. I gone from feeling lethargic and having zero level of physical activity, to actually looking forward to my gym sessions. This includes the gym sessions both in and out of pioneer. I love that I get regular reviews and each session James pushes me that little bit further, be it executing the exercise or increasing the weight.
What do you like most about Pioneer Performance?

I love that I am getting educated in each and every session about the muscles that I am activating and why that exercise has been chosen specifically for me, for example, to help me with stabilisation. James is constantly assessing my movement, listening to my feedback and adjusting my programme accordingly or advising what to do out of session to support “in session” activity. In the past, I have attended boot camps or short intense gym programmes (6 weeks) but these like their results have been short-lived. I would return to my old ways within weeks of finishing these. Gaining any of the weight lost. I have also ignored aches and pains in my lower back, believing no pain no gain.  However, since training at pioneer, this lower back pain has been eliminated and this is due to the coaching and advice on how to and which muscles to engage. Also, the time and patience from James to ensure that I execute the basics of each exercise before adding additional weights. I also look forward to each and every gym session at pioneer and the positive encouraging environment that the team has developed, there’s plenty of encouragement and friendly banter between all the trainers and other clients.
What would you say to anyone thinking of joining pioneer performance?

Don’t leave it as long as I did to contact the team! Just come down and have a visit and speak to a trainer. They will be only happy to help you set realistic, positive achievable individualised goals. Whatever your needs or concerns are just let them know and these will be catered for. Also don’t be feel intimidated by walking in through the doors as they’re a personable bunch, although you might not think this when you’re getting beasted on the prowler!
What is the biggest thing that you have taken from your training so far?

My biggest learning curve so far has been two things. I have learned the different muscle groups and how to activate these. This has paid dividends when training outside of pioneer as I now not only know but actually feel when I have or haven’t activated the correct muscles. This has helped me train smarter and avoided injuring myself or aggravating reoccurring lower back pain. This is something that would have stopped me from continuing with training in the past. Another learning point is that you can not out train a poor diet. This is an area I am continuing to work on and is very much a work in progress. As its taking a lot longer to unlearn all those habitual habits and behaviors, I have picked up over the years. I realise that the only way to achieve results is to make myself accountable and focus on not only the end goal but making small manageable changes that have become part of my new daily routine.  

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