Another one of our clients that made Pioneer of the month lets you know his top 5 tips as to why he has been so successful in his journey so far. Remember he has only been training with us for 8 weeks!

1. Plan ahead

The only times that I really have struggled are when I’ve not planned in advance and found myself too late in the day with too many things not yet done.

2. Be a bit OCD about things

I know it’s not for everyone but I genuinely enjoy trying to get my calorie and macro goals as close to perfect as possible. While in general I try and stick to healthier foods, it’s nice to know that if I really want to I can put pretty much anything in and adjust the rest of the days meals around it gram by gram to keep myself on track. It’s less about being restrictive than about considering things in advance.

3. Focus on form

Doing the same exercises that I was previously, but with the adjustment of correct form and focus on the right muscle has caused more progress over 8 weeks than in 8 months previously. I’m sure Neil gets sick of trying to get me to do Cable Flyes right, but the nagging is paying off.

4. Fail

I’m still getting used to the mindset of going until the point of failure and not being afraid of that, but those are the points where I have really surprised myself with what I’ve been capable of, especially in situations where I previously would have given up or not even tried.

5. Always make progress

Again getting into a mindset of knowing that every time I get into the gym I want to be working towards an increase in weight or reps from the last time. Previously I was doing the EXACT same thing week after week, rather than focusing on making every session better than the last.

We look forward to the progress that Jude will be making with Neil in the coming months!


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