Steve is 26 years old and extremely well accomplished in his career as a Quantity Surveyor.

Last year he decided that he wanted that same success to translate into his physique. His time at university and then immediately transitioning into a busy full-time career meant that he hadn’t looked after his body in the way that he knew he should.

Prior to working with @Matthewwalkerpioneer Steve managed to lose 3 stone on his own! With some extra support, structure and huge action taking Steve has been able to accelerate this progress even further which has earned him Pioneer of the Month.

We asked Steve to share his 5 Top Tips to success:

1. Take or find a photograph from the beginning of your journey, and get regular progress pictures. The confidence boost it gives you looking how far you’ve come, whilst knowing that putting in the same graft will get you even closer to your end goal. It will also help your Trainer see what areas are developing well and where next to focus your training towards.

2. No matter how restricted your calorie allowance is, the best way I can ensure I stick to mine is making sure to plan out my full days worth of food in advance, so I know that I am not going to unknowingly go over my allowances. Doing this on the morning, rather than meal prepping for a full week, means I can be more flexible when I know I am going to have particularly busy parts of the day, such as lunch meetings or finishing work late, where I won’t be able to eat my planned foods.

3. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring if you do it smartly, especially if you have time to cook from scratch. A well-stocked spice rack can change a bland meal into something worthy of craving! The Pioneer Recipe Books have also been great; my particular favorite is Oven Fried Chicken.

4. Drink a LOT of water, like more than you think your bladder can handle! Yes, you will need to go to the toilet more regularly, but being hydrated helps you both physically and mentally. I am drinking upwards of 4-5 liters a day without even thinking about it now and can feel the difference in my performance if I drink less.

5. Don’t leave a session feeling like you could have given more. Just because you have done the sets/reps your Trainer has given you, if you feel like you have another rep in the tank, go get it!

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